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Patricia Abshire's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Patricia Abshire

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[28 Feb 2011|07:31am]
Updated Oct. 15
Paypal or concealed cash (at your own risk).
Prices do not include shipping.
Things will be shipped on Saturday, Oct. 18 if paid for before then.
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Feedback [28 Feb 2010|07:33am]
If you bought from me, could you please leave feedback here?
I accidentally deleted my other entry and so I lost all of my feedback! D:
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Blacklist [27 Feb 2010|08:41am]
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[20 Feb 2010|08:39pm]
This is more of a record for me than for people coming here, since I highly doubt most people would have any of these.

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Also lust [06 Oct 2007|11:19pm]

Got that song from the end of Pumpkin stuck in my head. The one about looking for the sun.

Ate about a billion calories at the fair. Eh. Also, I'm now broke. Don't wanna go again. Need to buy another liner pencil.

I know how I want to fix my tat now. I've got a red A on the back of my neck, and the guy who did it made some the loops too close together so the inkless space in the middle of the loops look like they've got some ink in them. I think I'm going to get black vines in the background to fill in those spaces and make the loops look farther apart. I kind of want it to look like the first letter in a book where it's very large and elaborate and the rest of the words are in plain text.
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